Plugin List

OpenLP has many plugins you can activate.

To see which plugins are enabled select Settings ‣ Manage Plugins or Alt+F7


Plugin Details

The left side shows you the list of plugins. Click on a plugin to check its status.


Shows if your plugin is Active or Inactive. Click the box to change the status and click OK to save your selection.


Describes the use of the plugin.

For a brief description of what each plugin does, please see below.

SONGS Songs Plugin

The songs plugin provides the ability to display and manage songs.

BIBLES Bible Plugin

The Bible plugin provides the ability to display Bible verses from different sources during the service.

PRESENTATIONS Presentation Plugin

The presentation plugin provides the ability to show presentations using a number of different programs. The choice of available presentation programs is available to the user in a drop down box.

IMAGES Image Plugin

The image plugin provides displaying of images. One of the distinguishing features of this plugin is the ability to group a number of images together in the service manager, making the displaying of multiple images easier. This plugin can also make use of OpenLP’s “timed looping” feature to create a slide show that runs automatically. In addition to this, images from the plugin can be used to override the current theme’s background, which renders text-based items like songs with the selected image as a background instead of the background provided by the theme. See the section on Adding a Group of Images.

MEDIA Media Plugin

The media plugin provides playback of audio and video.

CUSTOM Custom Slide Plugin

The custom slide plugin provides the ability to set up custom text slides that can be displayed on the screen the same way songs are. This plugin provides greater freedom over the songs plugin.

SONGUSAGE SongUsage Plugin

This plugin tracks the usage of songs in services.

ALERTS Alerts Plugin

The alert plugin controls the displaying of alerts on the display screen. See Alert for more information

PLANNINGCENTER PlanningCenter Plugin

The planningcenter plugin provides an interface to import service plans from the Planning Center Online v2 API.