The developers of OpenLP have strived to make it a straightforward and easy to use application. However, it is good to be familiar with a few terms that will be used throughout this documentation, and when seeking support.

First Time Wizard

The First Time Wizard gives you the ability to perform a basic setup of OpenLP. It runs automatically before OpenLP starts for the first time. The First Time Wizard can be run again if needed.

Formatting Tags

Formatting Tags give you the ability to add additional text formatting to text in songs and custom slides.

Main Window

The Main Window is what you will see when you first open OpenLP. It contains all the tools and plugins that make OpenLP function.



The Library contains a number of tabs which the plugins supply to OpenLP. Each tab in the Library is called a Library Item. You can send songs, Bibles, etc from the Library Item to the Preview Slide Controller or Live Slide Controller.


Library Item

A library item is a tab in the Library. The library item contains any items from the various plugins which can be displayed on the display screen.


When the word “platform” is used, it is usually referring to your operating system, such as Windows, Linux, or macOS, in combination with the CPU family.

Preview Pane

The preview pane is a section to preview your library items before you go live with them.


Service File

A service file is the file that is created when you save your service in OpenLP. The service file consist of Service Items

Service Items

Service items are the Library Item that are in the Service Manager.

Service Manager

The service manager contains the library items in your service file. This is the area where your library items go live. You can also save, open, and edit services files from here.


Slide Controller

The Slide Controller controls which slide from a Service Items is currently being displayed, and moving between the various slides.


Preview Slide Controller

The preview Slide Controller shows you a simple preview of your item. It does not send any output to the display screen.

Live Slide Controller

The live Slide Controller controls the live output to the display screen.

Theme Manager

The theme manager is where themes are created and edited. Themes are the text styles and backgrounds that you use to personalize your services.


Projector Manager

The Projector Manager is where you can manage and control projectors.